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"Warm, welcoming, and friendly environment where the staff seem happy to be there and so provide great service. The food is good; everything I've had there was done right. The live music's an added bonus. I guess when you put a lot of yourself into your place of business, folks get it and give right back, with pleasure. The patrons enjoy themselves and bring their family and friends to share in the boon. Cheers!"

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Seibel's Restaurant and UpTown Pub -American Dining & Bar is a locally owned and operated family restaurant. We have been at this present location since 1939, it has been our joy to serve the local community, for over 77 years.

Seibel's Restaurant and UpTown Pub serves locally grown produce and meats. Our Father and Mother created many of the recipes we use in our restaurant. Their mouthwatering home style recipes have been passed down through the family and continue to bring joy to our customers every single day.We look forward to sharing our passion for great food with you and your family!