An Ice Cream Tale


Buck Seibel's started making ice cream at our present location in 1939. After years of working for other people and corporations, the husband and wife team of Harry and Joyce Ground decided to follow their
dream of running a restaurant. Joyce worked for Busk for 10 years, 1960 - 1970 before Harry and Joyce took on the challenge. Harry attended Ice Cream School at the University of Maryland. After careful planning and a lot of time spent over the stove and grill, the two expanded from Ice Cream and Hamburgers to a Full service Restaurant in 1984.
Seibel's Restaurant and UpTown Pub in Burtonsville.


UpTown Pub


The Sister Team of Karen and Lynn took it another step in 2013 by expanding and open the UpTown Pub. The Covered Patio, Live Music and Sports really added to what their parents started.  Lynn Still runs the Kitchen and Karen works the Floor.


All Good Things Come to an End


We take a lot of pride in what we do, and our customers can tell. There is something really spectacular about connecting with people, we take pride in using the old family recipes.